Grant recipient

Robin Andersson

Functional and topological redundancies in transcriptional regulation
Grant amount: DKK 9,994,444
Robin Andersson says: “Cellular activities are controlled by specific processes during development and in response to environmental changes. Which genes are active and how much RNA is produced at a given timepoint in a cell is coordinated by specific regulatory elements encoded in the DNA that, via binding of dedicated proteins (transcription factors), determine the rate of transcription. These regulatory processes are essential for a cell and genetic disruptions of regulatory elements may therefore lead to disease. This project will investigate the mechanistic basis of how regulatory activities are conveyed via transcription factors and assess the occurrence of failsafe systems mediated via redundant regulatory elements that buffer the impact of possible mutations. Understanding these processes and the interplay of regulatory elements is of high importance to better understand transcriptional regulation and the genetic basis of disease, which may ultimately lead to better diagnostics and treatments.”
Robin Andersson
Robin Andersson
Associate Professor, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen

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