Grant recipient

Martin Tolstrup

Viral specific T cells: Licensing the perfect killer
Grant amount: DKK 9,858,087

Martin Tolstrup says: “Many new developments in treatment of diseases such as cancer focus on gene therapy manipulations of immune cells which are costly, inherent risky and require sophisticated laboratory procedures for handling of the patient’s own cells. With this project, I propose to develop a new treatment concept that will seek to generate very high numbers of immune killer cells by a safe and low-tech vaccine directly in patients. These immune killer cells will then be used to kill diseased cells in the body. As a proof-of-concept I will use this concept to remove HIV-infected cells or cancerous B cells by studies in test tube experiments, in cells from patients and in humanized mice models. A successful project will open many new options for treatment of diseases caused by insufficient immune responses.”

Martin Tolstrup
Associate Professor, Department of Clinical Medicine
Aarhus University