Grant recipient

Martin Jastroch

Exploring Novel Bioenergetic Mechanisms and Regulation of Non-Canonical Adipose Tissue Thermogenesis
Grant amount: DKK 9.997.738
Martin Jastroch says: “The increasing prevalence of obesity and its metabolic comorbidities urgently requires new therapeutic strategies. Increasing energy metabolism to burn sugar and fat by activating energy-wasting processes in adipose tissue would be of tremendous value to combat diabetes and obesity. Nevertheless, the physiological significance, the regulation and the underlying bioenergetic mechanisms of various energy-dissipating pathways have not been understood. With this project, we aim to identify and investigate these novel mechanisms in the adipocytes of mice and men that will be pivotal to unlock the energy-wasting capacities of human patients. The proposed research will take advantage of the latest bioenergetic technologies to assess bioenergetic function in adipocytes, which we have successfully mastered in my laboratory, and advance the field for unique insights into adipose tissue thermogenesis in vitro and in vivo.”
Martin Jastroch
Martin Jastroch, Associate Professor
Department of Molecular Biosciences, Stockholm University, Sweden