Grant recipient

Maria Sammalkorpi

Harnessing active assembly for biosynthetic materials / HACMAT
Grant amount: DKK 8.664.756

A pressing need for renewable, biodegradable, yeast or bacteria culture produced biosynthetic materials exists in our society. Specifically, self-organizing biosynthetic structural protein materials could induce a green revolution in fiber, textile, and composite industries. These materials also offer breakthroughs in pharmaceutical materials, especially as support and host matrices but also triggered gel-solid transition systems, and sustainable solutions for alimentation industry. Living cells control structural material self-organization and materials properties via non-equilibrium processes such as material flows and dynamically evolving assemblies. The HACMAT project targets design principles for advanced biosynthetic protein materials that self-organize in a non-equilibrium, active condensate phase. HACMAT uses computational modelling combined with experimental characterization.


Photo credit: Aalto University/Mikko Raskinen

Maria Sammalkorpi
Maria Sammalkorpi
Senior Researcher, Departments of Chemistry and Materials Science & Bioproducts and Biotechnology, Aalto University, Finland