Grant recipient

Kyung Mih Noh

Chromatin mechanisms of neurodevelopment and disease
Grant amount: DKK 20,000,000

Our research explores chromatin mechanisms in neurodevelopment and brain disorders. Chromatin comprises DNA and histone proteins and regulates gene expression, which has an impact on human health. Key questions guide our work: How do chromatin regulators impact neuronal identity and, contribute to neurodevelopmental disorders? (2) Do chromatin states causatively regulate gene expression and cellular function? (3) How do neuronal chromatin states respond to external stimuli, and is there chromatin memory in the neuronal process? (4) What chromatin mechanisms govern interactions between neurons and other brain cell types in neurodevelopment? Using cutting-edge functional genomics, human brain cell models, and single-cell sequencing, we aim to decode molecular networks, providing essential insights into the molecular basis of neurodevelopment and brain disorders. Our efforts hold the potential to advance drug development and personalized medicine.

Kyung Mih Noh
Professor, Aarhus University
Department of Biomedicine