Grant recipient

Kristian Kragholm

Integrating electrocardiogram and other prehospital diagnostics to improve patient outcomes
Grant amount: DKK 9,975,000

Kristian Kragholm says: “The electrocardiogram (ECG), a low-cost and readily available test of the heart’s electrical system, holds promise to improve detection of critical conditions in the prehospital setting to improve outcomes. We propose a shift to a broader inclusion of ECG abnormalities, symptoms, and vital signs including blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, heart and breathing rates, to indicate a significant blood clot in the heart’s artery system that requires balloon stenting. A similar approach will be used to examine pulmonary artery clots, aortic dissection (an acute tear in the wall of the major artery, the aorta), and acute heart failure. Finally, we propose to use ECG information to predict cardiac arrest. The outlined projects build on a nationwide Danish ECG cohort and linkage to national registries, with potentials for guiding future artificial intelligence applications that can aid clinicians in early detection of the critical, life-threatening conditions to improve patient outcome.”

Kristian Kragholm is currently doing his specialist training in Cardiology at the Departments of Cardiology at North Denmark Regional Hospital, Hjørring, and Aalborg University Hospital. He has been Associate Professor at Department of Clinical Medicine, Aalborg University, since 2022. Kristian Kragholm further states: “This funding will consolidate me as an independent research leader and allow me to continue doing research that I believe will have a huge impact on care and outcomes of patients with acute cardiovascular conditions in the pre- and in-hospital setting and will consolidate me as an independent research leader.”

Kristian Kragholm
Department of Cardiology at Aalborg University Hospital