Grant recipient

Katrine Schjoldager

Exploring the Functional Consequence of Bioactive Peptide Glycosylation
Grant amount: DKK 9,999,551

Katrine Schjoldager says: “Bioactive peptides (neuropeptides and peptide hormones) are key regulators of numerous physiological processes from blood glucose levels to blood pressure, mood and perception of pain. Dysfunctional bioactive peptide (BP) signalling is associated with a number of diseases including diabetes, Alzheimers and hypertension, and BPs constitute a major class of promising druggable compounds. Understanding how peptide signalling is modulated in health and disease is therefore of great importance. My team has discovered that a large number of bioactive peptides are modified with sugar-moieties, and we want to establish new and improved methods and a deeper understanding of how these sugar-modifications effect or regulate the functions of the bioactive peptides. The project has significant promise for discovery of novel designs for peptide therapeutics for a range of common diseases.”

Katrine Schjoldager is Danish and has been an associate professor at University of Copenhagen since 2018

Katrine Schjoldager
Katrine Schjoldager
Associate Professor, Copenhagen Center for Glycomics, ICMM, University of Copenhagen