Grant recipient

Jiri Bartek

Replication stress: Mechanisms and roles in human health and disease
Grant amount: DKK 10,000,000
Jiri Bartek says: “Each time our cells divide they first have to accurately and completely duplicate their entire genome, in a process called DNA replication. This fundamental mechanism is essential for organismal development and tissue renewal during life. On the other hand, DNA replication is also challenging for the cells due to many potential obstacles on DNA that may slow down or block the process, causing a state of emergency called replication stress. Mistakes in either replication or response to replication stress can possibly lead to abnormally high or too little proliferation, and lead to life-threatening diseases such as developmental defects, premature aging or cancer. In this project, we will investigate how does the DNA replication machinery operate in human cells, and what are the molecular causes and consequences of replication stress. This knowledge will help us better understand the basis of human health, and use this knowledge to diagnose, treat or prevent cancer, and slow down aging.”
Jiri Bartek
Jiri Bartek
Professor, Danish Cancer Society Research Center, Danish Cancer Society

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