Grant recipient

Felix Leroy

Top down regulation of motivated behaviors by lateral septal integration of cortico-hippocampal inputs
Grant amount: DKK 9,948,976
Felix Leroy says: “In order for humans and other mammals to interact with one another and form societies, they must let cognition guide and often rein in most basic instincts such as aggression, mating, drinking or feeding. Learning when to let such behaviors express themselves is indeed an important and difficult part of juveniles’ upbringing. Therefore, understanding how the most “evolved” part of the brain - the cortex, which stores our memories and where decisions originates - regulates its more instinctive counterpart - the hypothalamus - is crucial to understand how adequate social interactions occurs. In addition, as alterations in cortical brain regions contribute to psychiatric diseases associated with disordered social behavior (schizophrenia, autism spectrum disorder or bipolar disorder), insights into the normal and abnormal function of these circuits are of critical importance. Thus, my study may suggest new approaches to treat abnormal social cognition associated with psychiatric diseases.
Felix Leroy will relocate from his associate research scientist position at Department of Neuroscience, Columbia University, US to set up his independent research group at University of Copenhagen in the fall of 2020.
Felix Leroy
Felix Leroy
Group Leader, Department of Neuroscience, University of Copenhagen

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