Grant recipient

Emil Fosbøl

Improving Outcomes for Patients with Valvular Heart Disease: Building an Evidence Base through Novel High-quality Data
Grant amount: DKK 8,986,000
Emil Fosbøl says: “Cardiovascular health relies on normal function of the heart valves. Dysfunction of the heart valves, called valvular heart disease, results in heart failure, and patients experience shortness of breath, fatigue and fluid retention. The risk of death is also higher with valvular heart disease. In recent decades, valvular heart disease has become more common, but solid knowledge is lacking on a national scale. A form of valvular heart disease called infective endocarditis is a disease in which bacteria destroy one or more heart valves, and 20% of patients die in the first 30 days after diagnosis. To improve prevention, treatment and prognosis, we need better dedicated data and on a nationwide scale. This project will collect detailed data on valvular heart disease and establish a dedicated registry of patients with endocarditis. We will examine how diagnostics and treatments (especially surgery) can be improved to help patients. This study will provide data-based evidence for improving clinical outcomes for patients with valvular heart disease.”
Emil Fosbøl
Emil Fosbøl, staff specialist, PhD
Department of Cardiology, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen