Grant recipient

Bjørn Panyella Pedersen

Sugar and auxin transport in plant growth - Controlling selectivity
Grant amount: DKK 9.998.589

The project will uncover the secrets of how plants transport sugars and the hormone auxin across membranes. This process is crucial for proper plant growth and development, but despite extensive research, the details of how this functions remain unclear.
Here we explore the 3D structures of key transporters to help us understand how substrates – including herbicides which utilize these transport systems – affect plant growth. This will allow us to predict and modify plant responses to changing environments, with significant implications for agriculture and sustainability.

Beyond practical applications, this research will provide a breakthrough in our understanding of fundamental plant metabolism, specifically in maintaining sugar and hormone balance. This knowledge is essential for addressing global challenges, such as ensuring sufficient food production while minimizing environmental impact. In essence, this project holds a key to a more sustainable and food-secure future.

Bjørn Panyella Pedersen
Associate Professor, Ph.D.
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics/ Aarhus Universitet