Grant recipient

Anette Wolff

Cytokine autoantibodies reveal monogenic inheritance of endocrine autoimmunity
Grant amount: DKK 9,996,00

Autoimmune endocrine disorders are large contributors to health threats. Today’s treatment still only manages the symptoms of disease and not the cause. Patients with monogenic endocrine autoimmunity with combined immunodeficiency syndromes where the causative gene is involved in immune activity are found with high titer cytokine antibodies (anti-IFNω and anti-IL22) in their sera, which we can use as screening tools. We here aim to screen registries of endocrine and immunodeficiency disorders for such autoantibodies and identify monogenic syndromes and novel genes responsible for such syndromes. This information can be used to inform us about more general mechanisms behind endocrine autoimmune disorders and give clues for how we can prevent or cure diseases in the future. We will furthermore investigate how tissue cells interact with immune cells in an example of such a disorder (APS-I), being possible because we have unique access to biopsies from this patient group.

Anette Wolff
Haukeland University Hospital