Grant recipient

Stine Linding Andersen

Maternal Thyroid Disease in Pregnancy: on the Importance of Early Detection and Treatment
Grant amount: DKK 9.997.701
Stine Linding Andersen says: “Thyroid function in pregnant women is a matter of concern. Fetal brain development is dependent on thyroid hormones from the mother, and the consequences of abnormal thyroid function in pregnant women may be severe. Early detection of diabetes in pregnant women has been part of routine clinical care for years, but it remains uncertain whether thyroid function should be assessed in all pregnant women. Further, potentially severe side-effects to the drugs used for treating thyroid disease challenge the clinical management. Within this project, we aim to evaluate the early detection and treatment of thyroid disease in pregnant women and the potential side-effects to the treatment. We will accomplish this by using the large nationwide health registries in Denmark, by systematically screening thyroid function in pregnant women in the North Denmark Region and via nationwide collection of data on female patients who are treated for thyroid disease in pregnancy.”
Stine Linding Andersen
Stine Linding Andersen, Senior Resident
Clinical Biochemistry, Aalborg University Hospital