Grant recipient

Sisse Ostrowski

Immunologic Phenotyping as a Diagnostic Tool for Personalized Medicine in Patients Undergoing Immune-modulating Interventions
Grant amount: DKK 9,652,809
Sisse Ostrowski says: “Many patients undergo treatments that modulate the immune system, thereby being at risk for complications, poor treatment response and poor outcome. There is an unmet need for immunologic methods that can reveal the immunologic mechanisms contributing to this risk, to tailor patient care. In three work packages, this project will develop, validate and implement immunologic methods for immunologic risk profiling and mechanism-based tailored care in patients undergoing cancer surgery, immunotherapy, chemotherapy or radiation therapy for lung cancer and stem cell transplantation, with healthy individuals as reference. The baseline risk for complications, poor treatment response and poor outcome will be determined in similar patient groups based on historic data, to reveal the additional risk associated with specific immunologic profiles. The immunologic risk profiles and algorithms for interventions will be tested in clinical studies, with implementation of algorithms, with proven safety and efficacy.”
Sisse Ostrowski
Sisse Ostrowski, PhD, DMSc, associate professor
Department of Clinical Immunology, Rigshospitalet and Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Copenhagen and Rigshospitalet