Grant recipient

Pawel Michal Lycus

Novel biotechnology for improved nitrous oxide mitigation and nitrogen retention in agricultural soils - NoN2O
Grant amount: DKK 9.956.975

Until the mid-20th century, farmers struggled to get enough nitrogen for their crops, which limited plant growth. Then, along came the Haber-Bosch process, a groundbreaking invention that allowed us to make ammonia from the air, solving the nitrogen shortage and boosting food production worldwide. However, this innovation also led to a problem: farmers started using too much nitrogen, causing issues in the environment.

In response, this project, NoN2O, aims to develop biotechnology to use nitrogen more efficiently in agriculture and to reduce harmful nitrous oxide (N2O) greenhouse gas emissions. We plan to do this by utilizing waste materials to increase the activity of DNRA bacteria in soils. We will specifically focus on bacteria that in addition to DNRA can consume N2O, so when they are vectored into soils, they will enhance nitrogen retention and reduce the emissions. In simple terms, it is about making farming more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Pawel Michal Lycus
Researcher, Ph.D.
Faculty of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Science, Norwegian University of Life Sciences