Grant recipient

Michael Lisby

Functional characterization of the ZGRF1 DNA repair helicase and its potential as a therapeutic target
Grant amount: DKK 9,995,405

Michael Lisby says: “Mutation of DNA helicases is responsible for a number of immunological disorders, infertility, neurodevelopmental defects, premature ageing syndromes and predisposition to cancer. We have discovered a new human helicase ZGRF1, which is important for repair of DNA lesions that block DNA replication. Replication-blocking DNA lesions are particularly toxic to cells, because they can lead to chromosome missegregation if not repaired before cell division. This is especially true for rapidly dividing cancer cells but also for cells undergoing rapid cell divisions during development and differentiation. With the proposed project, we will investigate the function and regulation of ZGRF1 and its implications for human health and disease to uncover its potential as a therapeutic target.”

Michael Lisby
Professor, Department of Biology
University of Copenhagen