Grant recipient

Max Theo Ben Clabbers

Unraveling native crystalline pathologies using in situ electron crystallography.
Grant amount: DKK 10,000,000

My research aims to understand and address health issues related to tiny crystalline structures in cells. These crystallites cause various diseases and form a major concern for public health. Despite their broad impact, we often do not fully understand how they form or affect cellular tissue. Traditional methods typically fall short because the crystals are too small, and samples are studied outside of their natural environment. Our project focuses on improving our understanding of these crystalline pathologies by studying them directly within cells. To achieve this, my research group develops novel methods for in situ electron crystallography that use cryogenic electron microscopy imaging and diffraction to look at these crystals in their natural environment. Specifically, we apply these methods to study crystalline problems associated with type 2 diabetes. Our research will not only benefit diabetes treatment but also pave the way for studying a much broader range of pathologies.

Max Theo Ben Clabbers
Assistant Professor, Aarhus University
Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center (iNANO)