Grant recipient

Lars Henning Pedersen

Optimizing Pharmacological Treatment in Obstetrics and during lactation

More than half of all pregnant or lactating women use medication, but the safety and optimal type of medication in the given situations are often unknown. Unfortunately, most existing knowledge is blind to medications that cause severe malformations or affect foetal growth. There are large gaps in our knowledge on the concentrations that reach the child. Furthermore, information on the effects and safety of medication may take a very long time to reach the primary health care providers. The project will use a unique dataset, that is not blind to medication that causes severe malformations or foetal growth restriction. The dataset will allow us to investigate several medications. Based on international collaborations, we will apply novel approaches to investigate obstetric medications, and we will develop a personalized treatment of depression during pregnancy and lactation. We will use the knowledge and data to develop a dynamic information system that can be used as part of the routine drug information service.

Lars Henning Pedersen
MD, PhD, Clinical Associate Professor and Consultant, Department of Clinical Medicine
Aarhus University