Grant recipient

Jacob Tfelt-Hansen

Sudden cardiac death: Genetics and prediction
Grant amount: DKK 9,993,648

Jacob Tfelt-Hansen says: “Sudden cardiac death (SCD) cases are tragic, often preventable, and multifactorial.  To understand a genetic component of SCD in the young, the project will examine possibility to screen for rare cardiac genetic variants from birth. To investigate other parts of multifactorial causes of SCD we will investigate common genetic factors, prescription drugs and their combination effect on mortality. The project will produce cardiac cells via stem cells from Achilles tendons from the SCD cases to in depth understand the cause of death. The results can lead to national screening of newborns for specific genetic variants for SCD, recommendation on combinations of prescription drug and guide clinical recommendation and treatment of relatives.”

Jacob Tfelt-Hansen is Professor and Senior Consultant at Department of Cardiology, Copenhagen University Hospital and Professor and Head of Research at Department of Forensic Medicine, University of Copenhagen.

Jacob Tfelt-Hansen
Senior Consultant and Professor
Department of Cardiology, Copenhagen University Hospital