Grant recipient

Diego Vidaurre

Disambiguating the neural threads of perception and cognition to characterise individual behaviour
Grant amount: DKK 6.447.697

Diego Vidaurre says: “No two brains respond equally to stimuli. The key idea of this project is that having an individualised picture of how the brain reacts to and processes information will enable a better understanding of each person’s unique psychology or pathology. For example, if we see someone’s face, multiple processes are initiated in the brain to manage the stimulus’ different elements: facial features, person’s identity, expression, elicited emotions, etc. If a wasp then stings us, competing neural processes emerge as our attention is rapidly directed to the pain. I refer to these different processes as neural threads. I will develop new computational models to disambiguate these threads in order to (i) better understand the principles of information processing in the brain, and (ii) characterise how this processing is unique to each person and relates to specific traits. I will apply this to the study of pain-processing to identify abnormalities in various prevalent chronic pain conditions.”

Diego Vidaurre will relocate from his postdoctoral fellowship at the Department of Phychiatry at University of Oxford, United Kingdom, to set up his independent research group at Aarhus University in the beginning of 2020.

Diego Vidaurre
Group Leader, Department of Clinical Medicine
Aarhus University