Grant recipient

Claus Brandt

Identifying Exercise Sensitive Neurons and Brain Regions Regulating Energy Balance: A Translational Perspective
Grant amount: DKK 8.000.000
Claus Brandt explains: “The number of obese people has tripled from the mid-1970s to today, affecting almost 2 billion human beings worldwide above the age of 18 years. Even though obesity highly increases the risk of premature death, most people find it extremely difficult to lose excessive body weight. Combining diet and physical activity has consistently been shown to increase the likelihood of losing and maintaining weight. One mechanism whereby physical activity improves weight loss outcome is through its positive effects on the brain. Physical activity improves the brain’s ability to sense and match caloric intake to calories expended. In this study, we will use brain scans from humans and mice and sophisticated molecular biology, and we hope to understand how an increase in physical activity leads to better appetite regulation. This will greatly add to the understanding of body weight regulation and thereby potentially generate new ideas for how to combat obesity.”
Claus Brandt
Claus Brandt, Postdoctoral Fellow
Centre for Physical Activity Research, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen