Grant recipient

Chuna Ram Choudhary

Elucidating the mechanisms of mammalian dynamic gene regulation
Grant amount: DKK 9,999,872

Chuna Ram Choudhary says: “The human body contains hundreds of different types of cells that perform different biological functions. Remarkably, all cells contain an identical copy of the genome, yet the same genetic information is differentially decoded in different cells, allowing activation of a different set of genes in different cells. Different gene products are then translated into different proteins that perform different functions, and ultimately give rise to functionally different cell types. Regulatory genome elements, called enhancers, act as central regulators of gene transcription and enable cell-type-specific differential decoding of the same genome. How enhancers control some genes, without affecting others, remains a major unresolved mystery in biology. This project aims to provide a deeper mechanistic understanding of gene expression regulation in mammalian cells and illuminate the molecular principles by which enhancers activate their target genes.”

Chuna Ram Choudhary is of Danish Nationality, born in India, has his PhD and postdoctoral experience from Germany, and was recruited as an associate professor to Center for Protein Research, University of Copenhagen in 2009, where he became Professor in 2013.

Chuna Ram Choudhary
Chuna Ram Choudhary
Professor, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research, University of Copenhagen