Grant recipient

Anders Albrechtsen

Studies of Metabolic Health and Disease in Consanguineal Relationships and Small and Historically Isolated Populations
Grant amount: DKK 9.957.358
Anders Albrechtsen says: “This project will use a novel approach to study genetic variants and their impact on metabolic health based on unique material from diverse populations from around the world that have had extensive measurements of their metabolic phenotypes, Anders Albrechtsen explains. “Instead of taking the commonly used approach of studying thousands of Europeans to identify low-impact genetic variations, we will use unique populations to identify high-impact variants in the Greenlandic Inuit and families from Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates in which consanguinity occurs. Further, we will integrate the process of translating these genetic findings to knowledge about metabolic health and disease mechanisms by studying the whole genomes, how the different genes are expressed, the proteins and molecules in the blood and the bacteria growing in their gut. By using multiple populations with multiple omics data, as proposed here, we can accelerate our ability to obtain meaningful biological insight to a whole new level.”
Anders Albrechtsen
Anders Albrechtsen, Associate Professor
Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen